Spiritual Research

My name is Rob Mason, and now (2019) I am aged in my sixties.
I was brought up in childhood as a Christian. My parents were not strict on attending Sunday Church, but I did attend Silsden Methodist Church in Yorkshire.

In my late teens I became heavily involved with Keighley Christian Fellowship, and received Baptism at Keighley Apostolic Church.

Now, although I still hold many Christian beliefs, my religion is Spiritualism.
I will explain why this happened in a few short words on this page.

In my teenage years I became aware that scientists teach that life has evolved. Christians teach that life was created. I wanted to find out who was correct, so I started my own spritual research.
Religion teaches us that we have a soul, and that God does exist, and that there is a Heaven. Science teaches us that there is no scientific evidence to support these beliefs.
Again, I wanted to find out who was correct, and that added further to my spiritual research.

Through my research I discovered that life is created, but also species can evolve within themselves to adapt to differening habitats.
In my research, I found myself studying the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics, and Astro-Physics. I made an intensive study of world religions, and human life experiences. I discovered that God, Heaven, and our soul are of another dimension, and do exist. Science of the physical dimension can never detect Heaven, but that doesn't mean to say that Heaven doesn't exist.

My research re-enforced my personal Christian faith so I felt I had to do more within the Christian Church, and became a trainee Methodist preacher in the year 2000.


I, like many people, had previously believed that clairvoyance is nonsense, and that clairvoyance and mediumship is wrong.
I have a natural gift of Clairvoyance, yet I was the most skeptical person. I became a Christian preacher, yet still experienced the most beautiful clairvoyant visions.

I had learnt as a Christian to recognise Good and Evil, and knew that what I was seeing and experiencing was through the unconditional love from God.

With my gift of clairvoyance I can at times see through to Heaven. I can see the Angels. I receive messages from the Angels. This is always an overwhelming and life-changing experience.

Through my reasearch, and cumulative knowledge I was able to validate what I was seeing and experiencing as definitely real.

Above all, through clairvoyance I became aware that I could help people with messages and healing from Heaven.
I have since helped many hundreds of people in this way.

This is why I changed my religion to Spiritualism, although it is my own version of Spritualism born out of 50 years of personal experience that is still ongoing.

I can still find meaning and peace in a Christian Church. Christianity is not wrong, except through my research I discovered and conclude that there are many paths to Heaven.

May God Bless all of you who visit this site.

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