Eternal Life is a new Church. A Church without ritual. A Church that does not tell you how to live your life, but only guidance on how we ideally should live our lives. Christian beliefs are, in part, the basis of Eternal Life beliefs. However we are not wanting to conflict with the basic Christian faith so we are separate, and offer a different philosophy. We do not try to impress any religious ideas on people. For those who hold their own religious beliefs we totally respect their beliefs. Also,we are not "New Age Christians".

We know that there is much personal suffering all around us in our home community, our towns and cities. Unhappiness, stress, fear, and worry are experienced by people who are in every day life not necessarily ill, or without food or other extremes of recognised suffering. Our aim is to bring people spiritual love, care and show people a meaning to life. We can offer spiritual guidance through problems that are often too big for us. When people are at a turning point in their lives we offer access to wisdom that they can of their own free will listen to, or reject. We can offer spiritual love, friendship, a social outlet, and an attempt at understanding and guiding people through their problems.We offer Prayer to bring healing, guidance and stength to people.We offer spiritual healing, clairvoyance and psychic readings, protected by the Light of Love from God,  as a way of helping those who want such help. It as our duty, as part of God's purpose for our lives, to help others, and bring people Light and Love to help them through life. We are however not a counselling service, nor do we ever offer specific advice. We encourage care and positive action in supporting our precious Earth, nature and the environment.                                                     Eternal Life Church is within the religion called "Spiritualism", but is independent from other Spiritualist Churches because we need to retain freedom of discovery, and constant evolution of our perception of Life's Meaning. We offer a logical approach for modern 21st century people who need answers - and seek spiritual love. We believe in God.

We believe we should worship God, and serve the purposes God has planned for our lives. We believe in the power of prayer -whether inner prayer or spoken. Prayer can lead to miracles - and all of our prayers are answered.
                                                                                                                                                God has a plan for all of our lives, and we can maximise our fulfilment and achievements in life if we allow ourselves to follow God's plan for us. The reassuring thing is that we believe that people can live a normal, full, modern lifestyle without changes to their lives that make them appear to friends and family as though they have suddenly become overly religious in their behaviour! 

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