What Is Heaven?

It would seem as though most ordinary people go to a place I describe as "First Heaven". For those with strong religious belief then your religion will describe the Heaven you may go to. 

Truly evil people are side-tracked away from Heaven

The Eternal Life Church does not wish to influence or change the beliefs of any reader who holds a religious faith, and a belief in Heaven or otherwise that is taught by their religion. There are many paths to Heaven.

The following is an account, derived from our spiritual research, of what typically happens when we pass across to Heaven. The story incorporates much of what we are likely to experience. The main character of the story is a fictional character called John.

John struggled for breath as he ran uphill. Sweat was pouring down his face, and he was beginning to feel exhausted. He was angry. His girlfriend, and partner of seven years had just finished their relationship in an explosive and painful series of arguments. She had gone off with some skinny, balding solicitor. John was nicely built and worked as a joiner but knew that his ex always put money before everything else in endless shopping sprees. Her new boyfriend was not short of money and he well knew that’s what she went for.
These thoughts and feelings going round his head made him even more determined to continue running.
It was a hot June day and John was doing a half marathon to help raise money for cancer.
His father had died of a sudden heart attack when John was only 12 years old, leaving his mother to finish bringing him up. Cruel cancer had recently taken the life of his mother just three months earlier. This made it even harder to bear the loss of his girlfriend as well, but true to John’s caring nature he was determined to complete the marathon and raise some money towards supporting cancer research.
The marathon was well organised, and at age 36 John appeared to be one of the participants in the marathon who should be able to complete it with relative ease.
He took a brief stop to take on some water. He drank a couple of mouthfuls then poured the remaining water over himself in a cool refreshing moment, as a waterfall of clear spring water. Then, deep breath, he was on his way again.
Several kilometers into the marathon John had started feeling breathless and sharp pains kept piercing his chest. His only thoughts were that he was out of condition and would book some time down at the gym starting next week.
Still, he pushed on.
Suddenly his chest was gripped, as if in a vice. He fell to the floor. He could see the ground in front of him and hear the voices of people rushing to his aid. He couldn’t move.
Then all went black.
First aiders tried to resuscitate him. Paramedics arrived. The marathon organisers had everything in place for those who might need medical help. Rushing to John’s aid were several people with medical expertise. Within a couple of minutes the blue lights of an ambulance. He was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.
John wouldn’t have known but the rare heart condition that had taken the life of his father at a young age was genetic and had now claimed a second victim.
All was black. John suddenly found himself awake. He was looking down on a scene of commotion below. An ambulance, and people milling around someone laid out on the ground. He felt free, not just free of the heaviness of a body struggling in a marathon, not just free of the pain across his chest, but free of the anger, free of the emotions that had taken over his life in recent months.
A beautiful light appeared, and he felt himself being pulled towards the light by some invisible force. Yet, he didn’t feel afraid. He knew that his spirit was free and somehow all the cares and worries of his everyday life disappeared. He realised that he had died but for some reason wasn’t bothered. He didn’t want to go back into life. As John fell into the light a vortex in the shape of a tunnel emerged and he was drawn at high speed towards the tunnel. He found himself moving through this swirling vortex at high speed with a sense of anticipation, and a profound feeling of love surrounding him. He felt the love surrounding and protecting him as he began to perceive another light which gradually became brighter and brighter. It was the most beautiful light he had ever seen and he felt totally at ease. There now appeared two light shapes at the end of the tunnel. The shapes became clearer, and he realised that these were two people who were waiting to meet him.
John emerged suddenly from the vortex of the tunnel into a beautiful garden. He immediately recognised the two people. “Mum...Dad you’re here to meet me!”
“We love you so much son” said his father. Mum smiled and gave him a hug. An embrace, that became two souls merging together, through the binding love of mother and son.
“You pushed yourself too hard” his mum commented. “We were watching over you. You should have got yourself checked out for any heart problems knowing how your father passed”
John was still trying to familiarise himself with his new surroundings. It somehow didn’t matter to him that his life was over. He remembered an old saying “Life is but a moment”. This place he was in now was so beautiful. He felt alive, and the air he breathed was an atmosphere of love beyond description.
Mum explained that she and dad had a home here – just like the family home back in the physical world. Then his thoughts made him laugh as he said to his Dad “This place is more real than the world we lived in”. Beyond the garden he could now see the family home, and in the distance were beautiful mountains. He could see the landscape of a green valley, and nearby flowers danced in a delicate breeze as their colours radiated in vivid splendour far more intense than on earth. What surprised him was that everything was real, solid, with vibrant colours. Heaven isn’t a misty intangible place. Animals are across there in Heaven, but they have no fear and simply ignored the human souls and continued grazing in the lush grass. People who had pets such as dogs, cats, and horses appeared to have these much loved animals with them. The love bond between a person and that of their devoted pet shone out as a connection that spans the dimensions of earth and heaven.
John realised that Heaven was a familiar place. He had been here before. It was like coming home.
“What happens next mum?” was John’s question after what seemed like an eternity in simply taking-in the beauty of his surroundings.
His mum replied “Well, in your case we’ve been told there won’t be much rest. Many souls like your dad and I can spend as long as we wish just resting. However your Guardian has told us that they have an urgent mission for you. This mission will be shared by many souls who are like you”
“Guardian? Do you mean Guardian Angel? Said John.
Mum replied “Well, those souls who are more advanced can be called Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides. They try to look after us, but many people live reckless lives of their own free will. However, your Guardian will be here soon. Dad and I don’t know what this mission is all about. They say it is “Most unusual”
Guardian appeared in front of John. An Angel, but without wings as artists on Earth often portray Angels. Guardian shimmered in brilliant white light. A kind, and caring human face with deep, loving eyes that John immediately knew understood him to his inner depths of soul. Guardian knew all of the faults and weaknesses of John, and all the good things and  achievements of John's life. Feelings of understanding, and forgiveness for John's mistakes, and recognition of John's achievements came flowing through. John felt at ease and understood now what his life had been about. Life had been a pre-planned adventure for him to gain an identity. He was now uniquely identified as "John", and his life, like all lives, had been one of experience and learning. The ultimate test of life had been to grow spiritually by remaining caring and loving of others no matter how hard is life had been.
Guardian smiled and left. No words were necessary because Heaven is a place of Pure Thought.
John was later to see many Angel-like Guardians as he travelled around Heaven. Guardians all worked in the purpose of the Source - the intelligent, creative, love and oneness of God.

Sleep fell upon John. He awoke to see a beautiful woman stood next to him. “Julia.. Julia .. is that you?”
A woman who appeared to be in her early thirties, dark flowing hair, and a flowing silver dress that shimmered like stars. Her smile was captivating. Her eyes showed a depth of love and compassion that reflected an eternal bond.
“John, I have been waiting for you for many years”
“You are .... were my wife” said John. “Oh my beautiful Julia...I never thought I would see you again!”
John then began to feel disorientated. “I didn’t have a wife, I was single. My girlfriend had just split up with me”
“Come with me” said Julia. “Those who have recently left the physical realm often feel confused. You need a time of peace and adjustment. Come take my hand”
John joined hands with Julia, and felt himself lifted up as if he weighed nothing, and was flying over beautiful valleys, houses, and a landscape so beautiful beyond any imagination. Eventually they came to rest along the shore of a lake. Contrasting shades of light shimmered in the lake before them. The movement created patterns that appeared to be alive in dancing with the joy and beauty of this place. Feelings of peace and love were overwhelming.
“I was you wife in your previous life” said Julia. We were married for over 40 years. You died in 1970. I lived on until 1979. After I passed I didn’t want another life. You are my soul-mate and I just wanted to wait here for you. However, we just missed each other. You always were a determined soul and volunteered for another life to be born around the time of my passing, in 1979. You were warned that it would only be a short life because of the genetic heart defect from your earth parents.”
“How come you know me as John?”
Julia laughed “You were named John as my husband. When you were born into a new life in 1979 I whispered in the ear of your earth parents to name you John, and fortunately they seemed to feel that was the name to give you.” “You will learn that those in spirit such as ourselves can whisper in the ear of those in the physical realm, but they don’t always listen!” Julia laughed “You never listened. I couldn’t get through to you no matter how hard I tried!”
An eternity of peace, love, companionship of soul-mates now seemed to pass as the two sat beside this lake of beauty and tranquility. Time does not exist in the reality of Heaven. The only time is that of “The Now”, “The Moment”, “The Instant”. Without the clutter of thoughts and worries about yesterday or tomorrow the time of “Now” becomes incredibly intense. John thought to himself. How he wished he had realised the value of appreciating every moment, every second of his physical life on earth. What a lesson that would have been in reducing his stress and worries, and of intensifying his everyday experience. Julia suddenly spoke “I agree”. John laughed realising that they were as one and their thoughts and feelings were shared.
John fell asleep. Julia woke him to ask if he felt ready to move on.
“We will soon have a meeting to attend” said Julia. “First, you must go to the Library for your life review.”
John remembered the Library from his previous lives. A brilliant white building filled with books. John had lived in the digital age when books were becoming less in printed version, and everything available online. Yet the Library still looked like shelves filled with printed books.
Another soul appeared, and stood alongside John. “I am your Guide” said the soul who had the appearance of a strict elderly teacher. “My name is Matthew, and it is time to review the life you have just been through.”
John could see a book with his name on it.
Matthew said “You lived a good life as a very caring person. You did make one or two mistakes. Turn to the page you see a date of May 31st 2008”
John opened the page. As he opened the page it became alive like a video, and then suddenly he was pulled into the scene. It was May 31st 2008 and he had received a phone call to say his closest friend Gary was in hospital. John had been too busy with his own problems to visit him, and had not fully realised how Gary had missed his friend in his time of need.
Matthew said “You can’t put things right John. You can see and feel how hurt Gary was because you ignored his needs”
John realised that he was being taught a lesson. Life on earth is like a school. We are all there for the experiences that life throws at us, and to learn to be as caring and loving of others around as possible even in the hardest of times.
“Don’t worry” said Matthew. “You are quite an advanced soul. There were not many times in your life when you didn’t show care and love for others.” ”You can imagine how many souls find this a very harrowing time as they review lives that in some cases showed disregard and lack of love and care for people around. Where they caused deliberate hurt then they are shown the pain that they caused, be it emotional or physical pain. Your life review has been easy, and over quickly.”
As John left the Library with Matthew, Julia joined them. The Light of the Source shone above. A light that is brighter than any light in the physical universe, yet does not dazzle. The energy from the Light is of pure unconditional love. John couldn’t help but feel that he was a part of, and connected to everything, and that the entire spiritual universe was joined together as just one infinitely vast oneness.
John slept again. Sleep in the dimension of Heaven seemed to be a natural part of the sequence between contemplation, activity, learning, and experiencing the sheer beauty and joy of this place. He could hear the sound of beautiful music. He knew he had returned his true home in Heaven.

Spiritual Researcher Rob Mason writes the following summary of his discoveries-

We don't have to lead perfect lives, but it is important to be good and caring to others whilst in life, in preparation for Heaven.

Reality is made up of several "Dimensions". There is the physical Universe of Earth, our Country, our City, Town, Village, our home.

There is Heaven - the "Dimension Of Conscious Energy". I have named this main place we go to "First Heaven". This is not a misty non-solid place, but a real place of vivid colours and an infinite number of areas where we come from before life and return to after our physical life. It is the true reality. It is a place of love, where the Light from God (the God-Head) can be felt and seen.

It is a beautiful place where we feel at ease. It is familiar because it is our true home. Why be scared to talk of spiritual things for YOU, ME, all of us are spiritual beings right now. It is just that we are living in a phyisical body.

When Quantum Physicists explore the tiniest particles of matter, the more they discover the more questions arise. Dark matter and Dark energy continue to remain as unsolved mysteries. Scientists cannot find all of the answers to how and why matter behaves as it does. The smallest particles of matter seem to appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. This may be because they are crossing over into another unseen dimension that exists in parallel with ours. This dimension is, I believe, IN BALANCE with ours. One cannot exist without the other.

When we "die" we do not cease to exist. Our personality remains the same as we travel into another dimension of most beautiful Light. We find ourselves free and surrounded by love. We may be met by our Guardian Angel, and by friends or relatives with whom we had a love bond in physical life. We move on initially to a real solid familiar place that I call "The First Heaven". The First Heaven is created for us to be a place where we will feel at home, relaxed, and are able to recharge and build up our emotional strength. This could be a beautiful garden, or even replicating a room in our home where we used to relax in physical life!

We then, at a later stage, move onto further learning and experience for the Spiritual dimension of Heaven is not a place of inactivity. We have much to do over there!

Time does not exist in the Spiritual Realm. 80 years may seem like 8 minutes. The only time that ever mattered is what I call "The Now". In Heaven we live in the moment of "Now". We could try to learn a lesson from this and live every minute, every second of our lives in the moment of "Now". Our lives would become more intense as we stop wishing our time away for the future, or living in regret of the past.

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