We are the first ever Spiritualist Church to be established in DRIFFIELD on 24th August, 2008. 

                                                                                                                Meetings are held at Market House, Exchange Street, Driffield, YO256LL every Sunday evening 7pm to 9pm.      Entry is FREE, although a £1 donation towards room hire, tea, coffee etc is invited.                                                                                            Our services are simply to give clairvoyant and psychic readings which are friendly, informal, and also Divine Faith Healing for those who request.                                                                                               We are a recognised Spiritualist Church. We help people through our spiritual gifts and our faith. Unlike other churches, we don't ever preach, we have no rituals and no hymn singing.We are happy to welcome people with no strong religious beliefs.                                      For further information please Text: Rob on 07515422112


7pm - 7.45pm: A short address, followed by a demonstration of mediumship.

7.45pm: A break for tea, coffee, biscuits

8.00pm - 8.45pm: One-to-one readings by our resident clairvoyant and healing from our faith healers. We are a Church and our readings are given FREE, without any charge.


The Eternal Life Spiritualist Church is now operational in Bridlington.               We are currently seeking a meeting venue in Bridlington. We may consider requests to give mediumship readings on evenings/week-ends. We offer these as a way of helping people.                                                                           

Those in Bridlington who would like to attend our Sunday meeting, 7pm at Market House, Exchange Street, Driffield are most welcome.                                                                                                                                  Eternal Life is a Church for modern people, living in an age of technology, who are seeking spiritual love and understanding, without religious commitment. Ordinary people need to be lifted up from lives which are often filled with uncertainty, pain, worry, stress and suffering.

People might ask: "Where is Heaven? Where is the "Other side of life"? The answer is not too far away. The physical and spiritual universes are as one. We cannot see, hear, or touch the spiritual universe because our physical senses only give us a very limited view of things around us. We ourselves are a soul dwelling for our lifetime in a body made of physical elements. Those who have passed still very much exist as the personalities they always were, and where there is a bond of love they are never far away.

                                                                                                                                                                 A Day in the Life of a Clairvoyant:      "If my clairvoyant gift is an illusion, and my visions of heaven are simply an illusion, then this life and the real, solid world around me are also nothing more than an illusion" 

I was called to a home in Hull to give several readings, to a bunch of family and friends who had booked me. Halfway through the evening I was invited into a room to read for a lady in her late sixties. I had met these friends gathered in the lounge, and then one at a time walked through to the kitchen/diner to give each a private reading. The room this lady was sat in was in between the lounge and kitchen. It was reasonably big, decorated in the flowery wallpaper so popular in the 1970’s. This was the year 2006. I noticed that there was no window in the room, but it was bright and clean. She looked happy, but as I started to give her a reading I felt very much that her life was on hold. I immediately saw a man with her in spirit who I knew was her husband. I told her this, she nodded to confirm, when I was then given a picture of a scene of a hospital bed. The same man was laid there with full life support systems attached. A doctor was in this scene looking past me at the lady I was with asking her permission to switch off the life support. The doctor was telling her that there was nothing more the medical professionals could do. Her husband was technically brain dead, but his body was being kept alive by the machines. I gently told the lady what I was seeing. She remained calm, and told me that her husband had died six years earlier. The doctor had indeed asked her permission to switch off the life support. She couldn’t say yes, so went for a walk around the local streets. She had then walked back into the ward still unable to bring herself to give permission. Suddenly she just came out with the words necessary, giving permission for the life support to be switched off. The lady had remained calm whilst she told me all of this. She became quite emotional, and said “I murdered him. I murdered him. I have locked myself away in this room for the past six years. I haven’t been out. I am looked after by my family, but I won’t go out. I killed my husband.”  Her emotional outburst shocked me, but only momentarily. I was instantly taken back to the hospital ward. I had a birds-eye view of her returning after her walk. I could see and hear her asking for the doctor, still undecided what to do, when suddenly her husband appeared, stood alongside her in spirit whispering in her ear “Switch off the life support. I am ok, I am free of my wrecked body, please tell him you give your permission my love”. The vision disappeared and I sat facing this emotionally distraught lady sat in front of me. I told her what I had just seen. I told her that her husband had not really been laid there in the hospital bed but was stood alongside her in spirit asking her to tell the doctor to switch off the life support.

The clairvoyant visions closed down as I sat opposite this lady. She slowly lifted her drooping head and stared at me eye to eye. Then a smile appeared. “You could not have known all of this. I now believe that my husband still exists. I did the right thing. I made the right decision”

I was then ushered out of her room to give another reading in the kitchen to a friend who had been waiting. At the end of the evening I walked into the lounge to say goodbye to everyone. The air of excitement was electrifying.  A middle aged lady who must have been the daughter said “Mum has told us she is no longer grieving, she is no longer blaming herself for dad’s death. She wants to get her life going again. Her first request is that I take her out shopping tomorrow” “Thank you for what you have done. You have no idea what a miracle it is to see mum wanting to live her life again”. I said goodnight, feeling very much that something much bigger than me was at work. I can’t perform miracles but overwhelmingly felt humbled to be a part of something so life changing.

SOME OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT WORK IS IN HELPING THE BEREAVED. Whether the bereavement is recent, or happened several years ago, often the trauma and shock puts the lives of some loved ones "On Hold". It is true that we may never get over the loss of someone we love, but we can help people get through it - and emerge with a new feeling that they can resume "living" again and move forward with the rest of their life.

We try to help people, and show them the power of spiritual love. Clairvoyant, psychic readings and faith healing are offered as part of our faith. Please note for legal reasons that we are a Church, not a counselling service, so a response cannot be guaranteed, nor relied on. We do not charge a fee because we do not provide this help in return for money or reward. We have helped many people in our friendly, informal meetings, with nothing spooky, nor any religious ritual.

We are now helping people become more aware of our Guardian Angels who help us throughout life. Please see our additional website, which is still under contruction: 

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